What We Do?

EstimatorPerHour is an internet website platform where Customers and Freelancers can meet and collaborate with each other. It's a place where you can obtain proposals for estimating services like design development, construction documents, new home cost estimate, etc. It also provides the links with reputable contractors and freelancers. Our facility has powerful features for members to transact business. It has a private workflow room to receive and send instant messages, a bid page to view the project details as well as a feature to submit and/or accept RFIs, a computerized timesheet, a built-in secured payment gateway payments system through third party providers and the likes.

If you are working in the fields of building contracting, architecture or engineering, you will always be on the look-out for highly skilled team of technical people to carry out the design and to estimate project costs like commercial and new home cost estimate, replacement cost estimating, home repair cost estimate and the likes. The importance of finding the right staff to carry out the work that you require is not an easy one. On the other hand, it's an equally difficult task for experienced freelancers, construction estimators, architects or engineers to find the job that is a perfect fit to their skills.

At EstimatorPerHour, we believe that we've found the perfect solution to this problem. If you use our services, then finding the right person to suit your requirements and budget is all about to become easier allowing you to focus more on important matters of your business.

If you're a freelancer who is technical or a skilled professional, then joining us can make finding the job that suits your purpose and other needs so much easier. Our aim is to ensure that search for the staff and quotes for upcoming work will be a swift and positive one. How can we achieve this? At EstimatorPerHour, we believe that by empowering freelancers in the fair bidding process through collaboration and diversification to achieve the highest quality of work within time and budget is a win win formula.

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Mission Statement

To help our existing and prospective Clients gain access, leverage global knowledge base and world class capabilities by hiring cost effective, flexible and skilled freelancers at a click of a mouse.

Fully engage skilled and talented professionals off-shore and on-shore by giving them a chance to participate in the fair bidding to get the job that is a perfect match with their skills and expertise.

To operate with the highest integrity and create a clear vision for the company's future that will continuously improve the organization and its services.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment as a website platform service is to provide a seamless flow of communication between the members that comes into the platform.

Our Primary Clients & Members

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