How it Works

We believe that by signing-up to our website is beneficial both for you and your company. Here are the simple steps to follow:

estimatorperhour works


  • Once signed-up or logged-in, you can update and manage your profile.
  • Search and hire Freelancer(s) instantly or you can post jobs totally FREE of charge.
  • Evaluate Freelancer(s) and the received proposals.
  • Upload funds to your account.
  • Award the project.
  • Pay the required deposit.
  • Manage your project online anywhere.
  • You will be notified by the Contractor once the project is done.
  • Pay the remaining balance after your approval of the project. The money will be held by EstimatorPerHour until you’re satisfied with the work delivered and gave notice to EPH to release the funds.
  • Leave a review to the freelancer.

estimatorperhour works


  • estimatorperhour works Once signed-up or logged-in, you can update and manage your profile.
  • estimatorperhour works Search job(s) related to your skills & expertise.
  • estimatorperhour works Bid the job that is open for hiring.
  • estimatorperhour works You will receive notification when awarded the project.
  • estimatorperhour works Invoice the Client for the deposit & the remaining balance upon completion and when your Client is satisfied with your work.
  • estimatorperhour works The monies received will be deposited into escrow account.
  • estimatorperhour works Your money will be transfer to your EPH wallet or deposited to your account once the Client gave go signal to EPH to release the funds.

How much does it cost to join?

estimatorperhour works
Joining EstimatorPerHour is free. You can post jobs, send & receive proposals, send private messages and view the members profiles totally free of charge. You pay us, we pay the Freelancer only when you approved the work that is delivered.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment as a website platform service is to provide a seamless flow of communication between the members that comes into the platform.

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