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EstimatorPerHour is a facility for Customers to obtain quotes, proposals and services from our bank of talented freelancers, estimators, architects, engineers, technical construction and design support professionals. We believe that all of the services that we offer will greatly benefit those who join our site.

estimatorperhour services

They fall into the following categories:

  • estimatorperhour services Offering services to Employers looking for talented Freelancers.
  • estimatorperhour services Offering services to those talented Freelancers who are seeking independent projects.
  • estimatorperhour services EstimatorPerHour support services to Employers and Freelancers as they may feel necessary for the completion of the project.

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    We realise that it is often difficult to find the staff that will be able to perform the duties you require the way you want them to be carried out. Once you join EstimatorPerHour you will be able to post the details and requirements of your jobs on our site. Our service is only dedicated to design and construction businesses and professionals who are looking for freelancers that have technical skills either to do building design or to estimate cost of project for commercial, retail, new home cost estimate for residential, home repair cost estimate, replacement cost estimating and others. 





    Finding that job which suits you down to the ground is often an extremely difficult one, but EstimatorPerHour will do its best to make sure that this task becomes considerably easier. Register with us, fill in your profile with as much detail about yourself as possible, and then simply wait for our large bank of employers to post projects and receive email notifications for the job(s) that perfectly match to your expertise that you can then provide a proposal for.


    Our Involvement



    Our primary job as a website platform provider is to make it sure that there is a seamless flow of communication between the Clients and the Freelancers that comes into the platform. We can also offer our cost estimating support services to our Clients and Freelancers as they may feel necessary for the completion of the project. The end result is beneficial both for the Clients and Freelancers. So, let EstimatorPerHour help you whether it is by finding you a Freelancer, a project, or by assisting you in cost estimating for home residential, commercial, retail and any other other estimating job that calls for project cost estimator.    .


    Our Commitment

    Our Commitment as a website platform is to provide a seamless flow of communication between the members that comes into the platform.

    Contact EstimatorPerHour for any help with your cost estimating requirements.

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